Skipping Work to Watch Basketball Tee

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March is finally here and basketball season is in full swing. So what happens when your favorite team is scheduled to play in the middle of the work day? We’ve come up with a list of creative excuses that you can use to get out of work in a pinch:

  1. “My dog lost their favorite toy and he/she needs me for emotional support.”
  2. “I recently discovered that I have a long lost twin and I need some time off to figure out which one of us is the evil twin.”
  3. “My car has been stolen by the elusive Bigfoot and I have not yet been able to track him down.”
  4. “I found a treasure map in my backyard and I need to get digging.”

And if none of those work then you can just wear this tee and tell it like it is! Crafted from super soft cotton material, there’s never been a better choice for skipping work. Whether you’re playing hooky at home or cozying up at your favorite sports bar, this tee is the way to go!


Product Details

  • 50% cotton, 25% polyester, 25% rayon
  • Machine washable, tumble dry
  • Printed in the USA
  • Fabric laundered to reduce shrinkage

Sizing & Fit Details

  • Unisex sizing 
  • Men- We recommend sizing up from your usual t-shirt size
  • Women- We recommend sizing down from your usual t-shirt size
  • Small- 36" Chest, 27.5" Length
  • Medium- 39" Chest, 28.5" Length
  • Large- 42" Chest, 29.5" Length
  •  XL- 45" Chest, 30.5" Length
  • 2XL- 49" Chest, 31.5" Length

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